Contracting authority: DARS d.d.

The CVP company participated in the project of renovation of pavement construction Unec-Postojna as a subcontractor in the renovation of the Unec viaduct and a smaller underpass in direction towards Ljubljana, and in the installation of equipment for traffic security.

The renovation of the viaduct was carried out together with the resurfacing of a 1.2 km long section of the motorway and the Unec connection road. Due to a large volume and complexity of works, the renovation took place during a complete closure of the motorway in direction towards Ljubljana in the second half of September and first half of October 2014. After the removal of the asphalt layer and hydro-isolation at the Unec viaduct, the concrete slab of the viaduct was prepared for the installation of new hydro-isolation.

Because in autumn the cleaning of the concrete slab with water under high pressure was not suitable due to low temperatures (water deep in the slab does not evaporate), the surface was prepared with sand blasting to ensure appropriate adherence. Upper parts of existing sinks were replaced with new ones and a new drainage filter was made. At the viaduct and on one part of the route, a steel safety fence of types H2W4 and H2W5 at the distance of approximately 600 m along the fast lane was replaced and foundations for a new removable steel safety fence between the carriageways were constructed.