Contracting authority : SPIRIT Slovenija, public agency

Among 144 countries also Slovenia will participate at the World Fair EXPO 2015 in Milan that will take place from 1 May to 31 October 2015. On the surface of 1.910 m2 a self-standing pavilion of approximately 800 m2 will be constructed for the Slovenian stand. The Slovenian pavilion will be made of natural materials – mainly wood and glass. It will consist of five pyramidal shapes positioned on a geometrically dynamic surface.

In the framework of the construction of the Slovenian pavilion, a contract has been concluded with the contracting authority for implementation of ground and foundation works.

The works include:
•    implementation of all preparatory works in accordance with the Italian legislation,
•    replacement of foundations on the entire surface,
•    construction of strip foundations,
•    construction of inclined walls and preparation of anchor devices for the construction assembly.