Contracting authority : DARS d.d.

The project includes the construction of a water supply basin with a pumping station, mechanical and installation works for a new hydrant network in the tunnel, and electrical works for the installation of LED indicator lamps in the tunnel. In the project of constructing a hydrant network in the Ločica Tunnel, the CVP company acts as a construction contractor. The water supply basin with a pumping station is situated in front of the eastern portal of the Ločica Tunnel. The facility is rectangular, measuring 13.8 m x 7.6 m x 5.0 m and will be constructed in accordance with the »white tub system«. From the back and lateral sides the facility will be entrenched in the hillside, so that only the front façade made of hot-galvanized tin panels will be visible.

The hydrant network pipeline will run circular from the water supply basin through drainage grids of both tunnel pipes. This will require trenchless drilling under the motorway towards Ljubljana. Due to the complexity of the pipeline construction, the works in the tunnel are being carried out with complete closures of the motorway at weekends, namely in two phases: first with the closure of the motorway towards Ljubljana and then with the closure of the motorway towards Maribor.

The works include:
•    construction of a water supply basin with a pumping station,
•    trenchless drilling,
•    disassembly and re-assembly of drainage grid AB panels,
•    demolition and application of mastic asphalt in the tunnel corridors,
•    excavation and filling in of the channels in front and behind the tunnel.