Contracting authority : DARS d.d.

After terminating the contract with the previous contractor, CVP as the lead partner in the joint venture concluded a contract for completion of works with Dars d.d. as the contracting authority. DARS signed the original contract for the construction of the Markovec tunnel at the end of 2009 and terminated it in 2013 before the completion of all works.
The Markovec tunnel is a 2,160 m long twin-tube tunnel and a central part of the expressway H6 at the section between Koper and Izola.
The contractual scope includes all originally contracted unfinished construction and installation works in and in front of the tunnel, including the portal and propulsion stations. Furthermore, documentation for technical inspection of the facility must be prepared.
The works include:
•    completion of construction works on propulsion stations;
•    completion of land works around the tunnel entrances and on the route in front of the tunnel;
•    earthing of the tunnel;
•    completion of the tunnel drainage system;
•    improvements and remedy of defects on already completed parts;
•    rehabilitation of local roads;
•    horizontal and vertical traffic equipment;
•    preparation of project documentation required for technical inspection of the facility.